Sunday, January 20, 2013

rachel & jason's wedding : savannah ga wedding photographer

this couple is near & dear to my heart. their engagement session is here.  

they were married this past weekend in the magical place of savannah georgia.

here's some getting ready pics:

                 opening their uber sweet wedding gifts!

love this one of rachel modeling her wedding dress!!

rachel had a friend of hers make this necklace. isn't it amazing?

love his anxious look.

LOVE this.

rachel's niece, olivia, loves waving. she's waving to jason & rachel here... so cute.

smiling back at her.

done & done!

their good lookin wedding party...

love this one!!!

that spanish moss is to die for... so is this photogenic couple ;)

the wedding cake topper is a family heirloom! isn't it awesome?


the band was amazing & hillarious, as you can see.

what a beautiful day. seriously, a middle of winter wedding that was 70 something degrees. two great families, lots of friends from all over the country in this beautiful southern city. if that's a preview into your future, ya'll are gonna be fine, just fine. 
love you two!

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  1. Beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Rachel & Jason!