Monday, June 10, 2013

johnson's : phoenix family photographer

meet matt & molly & their adorable boys lucas & nate.

love this one. a mama & her baby boy. such a sweet bond.

lucas. 5 years old.
 nate. 3 years old.

nate was not a fan of the hammock.
but lucas... he felt right at home ;)

the boys.
love this moment.

they brought suckers. awesome rainbow colored suckers.

mean ol dad stole it for a lick. i absolutely love this one. 
that might be mean, but i can't help it. the beautiful raw emotions of a child.
another beautiful emotion. these boys were so sweet & happy.

i think someone was a lil addicted, tehee.
molly asked me for a sneak peek & i sent her this one. i think it's pure preciousness.

thank you for the opportunity to photograph your family at this beautiful time in your life. 

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