Tuesday, November 26, 2013

marnie & her family : scottsdale family photographer

marnie is one of my closest friends here in phoenix. her son, kace, & my son are bff's. her lovely family bought a house here & spend nice chunks of time throughout the year enjoying our weather & avoiding the canadian chill. 

 here's our session we did last year! 

enjoy my favorites!

capri & kace are adorable together.

sweet ryder was cutting some teeth. so this babe, 
who is normally blissfully happy 24/7 was a lil tired & grumpy.


apparently this is how you carry children in canada? who knew? :)


my favorite.

kace, whaaaaat are you up to?

oh, there he is!!!! seriously, adorable child.

oh man that was fun & capri is warming up to me :) 
love you guys, like family. ya know i do.

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