Friday, December 12, 2014

corinne & chris : phoenix family photographer

corinne always has this great vision for their sessions, i love it! 
i met them several years ago when i offered a groupon. 
horrible decision, by the way, but totally, completely worth it 
since it brought this gem of a family to me.

she bought these awesome letters. they all share the same initials 
& we got a couple sweet pictures at this location & then we walked over to the next...

& chris' letter wanted to be free...  i love seeing corinne's hysterical laugh!

camden was very sad. 

i adore these precious faces! 

ms. cassidy. 

mr. camden

i totally hope they blow this up on a huge canvas!  hmm... maybe i will in my new studio!

a lil wardrobe change...

superhero's have to practice at being great too... 
next year y'all will have mastered the dip ;)

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