Sunday, January 30, 2011

cheryl & her family

i've been photographing cheryl & her girls for several years now. they are one of my favorite families!

their family has grown over the years... here's our first shoot & then here is last year's.

this year we met at papago park.

my favorite.

cheryl & chloe being the goofballs that they are.


the kids.

nicole & leanna, aren't they beautiful?

& the adorable chloe.

nicole & vinnie just got engaged!!!!

chloe wins!!!!

jerry & chloe being adorable.

jerry gettin some love.

i love this one.

we did a spinning picture last year too, i wonder how long we'll keep this up?!

& then they all fell down.

some jerry & cheryl time ;)

& you'll be seeing two of these peeps soon for their engagement session :)

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