Friday, July 28, 2017

Rarig Family : New York Portrait Photographer

first, a little reminder:

these beautiful people are basically family & you've met them before:
doug & molly's wedding,
our session from 2013,
our session from 2014,
our session/ baptism 2015

& this year... we added the family's first senior portrait session!
Ally is going to be a senior & her future looks so bright, it's a lil ridiculous, honestly. 
she's already been retweeted by Stephen Colbert for goodness sake! 

Here are a couple from that session:

a beautiful young woman in a beautiful place. 

& then after I'd tortured her enough we brought out the whole crew... 

i LOVE this one! 

the littlest proved to be unwilling to smile... but we got her! 

didn't we sweet sydney?!!

nora was shouting something & max was giving her his awesome side eye. 

too cute. 

one of my favorites of them all together! 

just the grandbabes with mommom & daddad! 

my other favorite! 

& then a few bloopers, just for fun: 

no more!!


poor sydney already didn't want to be in a picture & then she gets pounced on! 

nora innocently creeping up on brother...

oh, max ya gotta watch out for that beautiful lil wild thing! 

& who doesn't adore silly uncle dave?!  

love our sessions together! 
& our time at silver bay together :) 

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