Wednesday, June 9, 2010

cheryl, nicole & brianne

wanted to do a little session for father's day. we were able to meet up & take some pictures of his girls! it was a very sweet, fun session. i made them hug & cuddle & get all tangled up in a hammock. things we forget to do as we get older... but need to do more of!

here are a few of my favorites. thank you ladies for being beautiful & fun.

it was a gorgeous day.

aren't they beautiful?
almost falling out.

love this one. i love this whole series really.

this tree was too cool!

& then we did some of just the girls. nicole is leaving for college this summer in iowa for a track scholarship! so they're going to need some good photos worthy of framing!

favorite of the two of them.

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  1. very cool! Love your work! What do you shoot with? I'm on you have a fan page?