Tuesday, June 1, 2010

shari & jim eshoot.

shari & jim play ultimate frisbee with us. shari's team beat us by one point in the championship this past league... i may or may not have threatened the quality of her wedding photos on her personal play... just kidding. i would never do that. but on the other hand... maybe i should have! muahhaah. seriously- she is becoming a kick butt player and we lost by only one point!

enough about ultimate let's talk about these two love birds... they're pretty adorable together.

we met up at papago park's disc golf course, which is where they had their first date. very appropriate & very fun!

here are a few of my favorites!

i had just watched great expectations & had this vision stuck in my head. they were nice enough to oblige :)

love this one.

& these next two show how fun they are!

& then back to the romance.

their wedding pictures are next! & i am having so much fun editing & toning them!

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