Saturday, June 5, 2010

meet zach & tanner

our friends eb & tim have two adorable little boys. eb was one of the awesome donors to the mda walk that we did several months ago & she just barely missed being the highest bidder so, i wanted to thank her by doing a special shoot for her & her family!

we ended up hanging out at their house- which is beautiful, with several perfect spots for pictures!

here are a few of my favorites!

isn't this one great with tanner watching!
zach is adorable!

tanner is such a good kid -he loves his brother, is very polite & such a cutie!

thanks for letting me come play :) you guys were so much fun!

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  1. Elizabeth - these are AWESOME! Zach is SO BIG...He barely looks like the same child! Love the pic of Tanner looking up and the one of him snuggling up to you. Fantastic pics - you look like a perfectly normal American family. :-) Melissa