Tuesday, June 1, 2010

mary & bryan

are married!

my first wedding of the year & they did not disappoint :) fabulous day, weather, family & friends. the whole kit & kaboodle was fantastic!

mary went to grade school with my brother... she was always so cute & tiny! now, many years later on her wedding day she was simply stunning. bryan was very handsome & is by far one of the sweetest guys i've ever met.

please enjoy a few of my favorite images from their day.

mary likes pink. loves pink. her room is pink. lots of pink, everywhere... so when i was looking for places to take the detail shots i got so excited! this may be my new favorite ring shot. but i mean check out that ring!
having fun in her dress!
-see stunning!

they were married at st.louis bertrand church, which is such a beautiful place.
last time i was at a wedding here i was a reader- so the one up front with wobbly knees!
bryan's stepdad... such a sweet moment.
bryan's nephew. so stinken cute.
the boys.

the wedding party having fun pre-reception in the trolley!
we were able to squeeze a few portraits in before the reception on the golf course at Audubon.
father daughter dance :)

i don't really remember what was going on here, but i laugh everytime i look at this photo! get em' mary!
i love it when guys aren't embarrassed to get down on the dance floor. bryan was an awesome dancer.
must be where his nephew got it from!
what a great party!

thank you mary & bryan for letting me be there!!!! such a beautiful day.

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