Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mary & kirk

are married!!!!!!

they were married at vincenzo's & man was that meal amazing. they transformed one of the dining rooms into a beautiful reception area. i was very impressed.

i loved how relaxed mary & kirk were the entire day. they both got ready at her parent's house & then they had a first moment alone outside. it was a first time that i've had a couple greet everyone before the ceremony & it had a cool feel to it!

anyways. to the pictures!

mary's baby annie saying "hi mom"
i love the similar anticipation on both of their faces.

this is simple, but lovely. i think.
we stopped by the park on the way for some pictures.

i love this group photo. one of my favorites, ever.

the lovely wimsatt ladies.
the newest wimsatt lady, ellen. she's pure preciousness.

see???!!!! it was awesome.

breaking it down.
these two were hilarious.


what a beautiful way to start your life together. congratulations you two :)

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  1. Oh, Megan. Simply wonderful. Thank you for giving us such wonderful memories. I think that pic of bryan and me playing air guitar needs to be hung in our living room...
    Love you.