Monday, November 1, 2010

little charlie

my good friends, doug & molly have the sweetest little boy in the world. his name is charlie. (i can't say his name without it sounding like Char-lieeeeee :) he is now my sister's nephew! as of last weekend :)

the morning after the wedding we met up to do some portraits & I LOVE THEM. such a cute family.

we started off with some traditional poses. hello cute family!

then they smooched on him.

see!!!! sweet, sweet face.

papa & CHAR-lieeeeee.

favorite family pose!!!!

libby, molly's sister came to help out since both molly & doug were in the wedding. she loves her baby nephew.

charlie got really talkative about now- i think he's screaming: " I LOVE MY MAMA!" here.

tehee. molly you are beautiful.

well, damn. this might be my favorite family shot!

"what's going on here? mom. dad. where are you?"

smiley boy.

charlie loves leaves. nom nom.

is this not the cutest little pumpkin you've ever seen?

man, this is torture. first you make me smile a bunch, now tummy time?! cruel people.

we're sorry little man. you're just TOO cute. so it's kinda your fault.

love ya molly & doug & charlie!

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