Tuesday, November 9, 2010

taylor & her beautiful family

eric, braden, brinza & bristyn were a blast to hang out with. we spent the morning exploring desert breeze park & i think we got some really cute pictures.

braden & bristyn were very brave & sat on the big odd tree branch.

while brinza stayed safe in her daddy's arm. she's no fool!

i love these next few of just the kids...

isn't this a great looking family?!

this next sequence was hilarious. i asked eric & taylor to kiss. the girls completely ignored it while braden watched.

he was so moved he grabbed his sister & laid a big kiss on her. too cute!

she was less than pleased :0 coodies!

then bristyn was like, peace i'm out.

a couple cute ones of eric & taylor.

i think this one is adorable. i asked them to come in close so i could tell them a secret & this is how they stood!

the secret was all about our surprise attack on mom & dad! everyone got the memo except bristyn, who was too intrigued by the ducks :)

man they were cute. this is my favorite. i'm thinking BIG canvas!

we rewarded them with some playground time! love swingset shots!

thanks for letting me hang out with you all!


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