Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mikaela & wyatt

i met up with mikaela & her little brother, wyatt, a few weekends ago for some portraits. it is straight up adorable how much she adores him!

here are a few of my favorites.

might be my favorite because that's the best smile i got out of lil wyatt!

lots of lovin.

sooo sweet.

mr. wyatt himself. he just loves hanging out with his tongue out. he was happy, content & too cute.

we did a couple with their halloween costumes :)

another favorite!

and then a few of mikaela by herself.

she was such a ham! i'd ask her to make the same face i was & she did some awesome renditions:


& growling...

& her most famous one: adorable.

loved her shoes!

i snuck a couple of mama & wyatt :)

thank you so much for letting me spend the morning with you all :)

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