Monday, September 1, 2008

canyon lake

we finally have two kayaks!! now -we can go kayaking together instead of taking turns :)
our new boat is bright yellow & very swanky with two dry storage spaces & knee rests! so this past wednesday we took our boats out to canyon lake. i'd not yet ventured there & it was beautiful. we spent about 3 hours exploring caves, seeing the baby water falls & swimming. the water felt amazing. here are some of my favorite images ( from my point & shoot).

you had to be super skinny to get into this cave.

bryan took this one of me during the sunset- isn't it cool?

check out that sunset. it was so spectacular!

if you have never kayaked in a solo boat before you don't know what you're missing. it is the most relaxing, wonderful thing you can imagine- i love it.


  1. Our kayaks were the best purchase we have ever made! Enjoy exploring the world on longer trips together!

  2. hello my dear friend megan. i am very excited about your second kayak purchase. lets get moni boats and your boats and have a boating party!!! PS, please invite me even though I have no kayak to add.

    your dear friend hannah

  3. We are buying kayaks once we get to miami. Kayaking around here is amazing. I love it!