Monday, September 8, 2008

my job is always

rewarding, always. but occasionally, it's super rewarding. i got an email from one of my past brides a couple weeks ago that was sooo sweet. crystal & tim were married in november of 2006.


I've been checking out your photos on your photography website and your blog site, and they are soooo beautiful! I'm so impressed with how creative you are, and what a knack you have for capturing a moment.
I don't know if Sarah ever mentioned it to you, but the gorgeous pictures you took at my and Tim's wedding inspired me. I began playing with some of the photos after the wedding & then I found that I was really having fun with it, and started wondering how you were able to get such great images of our day. I went out and bought a point and shoot digital camera, and then really started to get into taking pictures, too. My mother-in-law has been into photography for years, so developing this hobby has been a great way to bond with her. We've since taken a digital photography class together, and now I'm shooting with a 40D and loving it! Now I can't wait to invest in some quality lenses!
I wanted to thank you for leading me to the only hobby that's ever really captured my attention."

thanks crystal for the super sweet note.

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  1. I have to comment on this one, too, Meg. You are truly gifted. You have this really uncanny knack for catching the spirit of the moment. I can only tell you that I am thrilled that you are shooting our day. I can't wait. Each time I check your site (often!) I see more beautiful moments than I could ever imagine. You've found your niche, kiddo! I'm just grateful we found you:-)