Monday, October 27, 2008

emily & craig.

emily is one of my favorite people from high school -we ran cross country together. well, she ran. i walked ;) it isn't really my thang.  she is such a sweetie. for my senior spring break i ventured out to san fransisco to visit my aunt & uncle. emily & sara k came with & it was such a great trip. if i can get ahold of any pictures from it i'll post em for you. 

we'd lost touch over the years because i'd moved to ga, tx & az & she'd moved from st. louis, to nyc, & is now in chicago with her husband craig!  but i heard through the grape vine that she was engaged and i hunted her down :)   

it was so great connecting with her again, it was as if we hadn't lost touch. & craig is such a cool guy. it was great to see how serious he was about em & then once the party started he let loose and was a ton of fun. 

here are some of my favorite images from the day:


her gorgeous dress. 

em's sister loving her baby, who came a couple weeks early because he didn't want to miss the party!

the beautimus bride. 

final touches. 

meanwhile the boys had lunch at brendan's after the batting cage. 

at the church doing more final touches! 

the rings. 

cool detail. 

the groomsmen got stuck in the storage room :) 

i love this of em & her dad walking down aisle!!! 

em's nephew- isn't he adorable? 

blessing the rings. 


time for some cuteness. 

favorite portrait! 

aren't they handsome together. 

lovely bouquet. 

we did some of the formal portraits at the olmsted, where the reception was held. 

first dance. 

cute dance with her dad. 

i love craig's mom's expression! 

em's college girlfriends got together and bought her a tiffany's necklace with her new official initials! 

oh lordy, this bunch did not get bored. 


craig & his niece. she was sooooo adorable. 

being cute.

what a wonderful wedding. emily thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. your slide show is coming soon :)

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  1. Megan,
    Excellent pictures - they capture the day perfectly! thank you!
    Ann (bridesmaid)