Friday, October 17, 2008

megan & ryle.

megan and i have been friends since 3rd grade. we've been friends for over 20 years. it's crazy we're old enough to say that!

here's a photo megan gave me for bday present a couple years ago. on halloween, obviously! megan's mom dressed me up as an artist, how appropriate!

anyways. megan is now engaged! to an amazing guy ryle- that she met in college. i am thrilled for them. i'm even in it :)

they asked that i take some engagement pictures & we were able to do it while i was home last week! here's some of my favorites:

one of my favorites! love their twin buns :)

isn't megan beautiful?

so sweet.

another favorite.

then we headed downtown & we found this awesome building.

another fav! it's hard to choose.

lil twirlin.

and then we dined with some yummy tumbleweed & a beautiful sunset.

megan... i can't believe you're going to be married! & ryle you are one lucky man she is very very special. congratulations you two!!

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