Saturday, October 25, 2008

my mother's birthday

was sept 1st. her 3 favorite children in the whole wide world, their partners & her sister Barb pulled together to get her the birthday present of a lifetime. she worships the ground tina turner walks on. i'm not exaggerating. worhips. i was raised with a few particular songs always playing in the house & my mom shakin it while cleaning, cooking or just dancing in the living room.

what's love got to do, got to do with it & private dancer -were her top 2 songs.

last night we got to see tina live & even though that woman is a surprisingly 68 years old she is amazing. and looks amazing. you can tell she's an older woman but she still knocked the concert out of the park. it was incredible. she sang all of the songs we'd hoped for & even a famous beatles tune.

we had so much fun last night. we got all dressed up, mom wore her leather pants & spiked her hair all crazy like tina's & i wore my copper jacket that formerly has only seen life as a costume accessory but seemed appropriate for the evening!

here's the card i made her:

and us before we started the loooong drive to glendale!

happy birthday mom! & tina you rock.

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  1. Um I think I love that jacket, plus you rock it!