Sunday, October 26, 2008


let me start by saying it's been a crazy month. an exciting way for me to end the year, for sure. today at four is my last wedding scheduled for 2008. let me say it again, shuey.

i spent a week in vermont for sueanne & roy's wedding and a week in kentucky for emily & craig (coming soon). then my life got a little exciting. emily's wedding was on a friday & my next wedding started at 11am the following day -but in phoenix. i admit to being a lil nervous- but i figured it was the first flight out & a straight one at that, no weather predicted & it was southwest who, is the only airline i trust, period. i also had a fabulous photographer, jill, on call in case i needed her to cover until i could arrive. thanks jill!

but, let's back up to vermont. it was such an awesome week! very relaxing and quiet. i got to read a whole book, my sister's keeper, very very good. i met some talented local photographers, one of whom, brent, helped me with the wedding in stowe & was a lot of fun to hang out with. we figured out that he'd been in c u b a about a week before i had. strange, huh? the wedding was sooo much fun. sueanne & roy looked amazing & stowe couldn't have been more beautiful.

so, i flew out tuesday night & arrived around 11 am. a little tired because i'm not very good at sleeping on planes. picked up the rental car & left the airport not really knowing which way i needed to go... i love doing that. i love having time to do that. i finally stumbled upon burlington, my favorite city. i checked into my hotel & then drove to middlebury, a small town about 45 minutes away. it's got the cutest lil downtown & about 5 stores i can count on every time, to have something i'll lust over. i played around with my medium format camera which sadly i think needs to become a mere decoration. it suffered a bad tumble awhile ago & messed up one of the lens & the three rolls of film i just took to get developed were all blank :( can we please have a moment of silence as we mourn this beautiful camera...

but here are some pictures i took on my digital.

i had about an hour before my flight left on sunday so i found a cute lil park by the water & swang. is that a word? swang? anyways. i love that feeling.

burlington is the town i was meant to be born in. full of earth friendly, laid back, cool people. that put their kids on leashes, but still.

my good friend, carolyn, came to visit me from silver bay! we had so much fun hanging out, eating yummy pizza & enjoying a few drinks. we watched the vp debate with a lil disappointment that it wasn't more entertaining. i had planned on giggling & instead was shocked at how mediocre she had done.

& then here's a few from stowe, a very cute ski town.

i think next year i want to visit it in the winter- it would be breath taking covered in white.
until i can visit you again, vermont :)


  1. So beautiful! I have a wedding scheduled for next summer in Quechee, VT and can't wait!

  2. groom craig from emily and craig's wedding here - why the last wedding of the year already? we think you did some pretty good work at ours (although we're holding out final judgement until we see some of the photos), and think you should shoot more brides and grooms in '08. we've told all our friends to have you take pictures of them on their big days!
    sweet photos of Vermont!

  3. Megan - aweseome pictures as usual, you are super talented. How awsome was My Sisters Keeper? I love that book!