Thursday, January 17, 2008


i couldn't sleep tonight. i tossed & turned until i remembered the important thing i was suppose to do. my cousin, lauren (the beautiful model) is going on her senior year retreat this weekend & i hadn't written her letter yet. i'd tried earlier, but it's hard to force those words sometimes & i'm really close to lauren. i spent a lot of my highschool life babysitting for her & her brothers, so i really wanted it to be good! i remember getting those letters & the more personal & sincere -the better!

for those of you who didn't go to catholic highschools- your senior retreat is a huge deal. family & friends write you very personal letters that you read throughout the weekend. you hear inspirational talks from your teachers & alumni. it's a very moving experience that hopefully prepares you for your adult life by instilling the fact that you are an amazing person. because we are.

so, i just finished it! as i reread it i teared up a bit. not because it was that fantastic of a letter, but because i can't wait for lauren to get all her letters & be overwhelmed with love. i mean how often do we get to experience that? i don't think we remember to tell those close to us how much they mean to us. or what we love about them. or how they've touched us. we would not be who we are today without friends & family, for better or worse. mostly better, though :)

i owe a lot to so many people that i've met along the way. i wish i had the opportunity to write you a letter about how special you are, how much i believe in you & how much i appreciate you.

to affirmations- may you always know how fantastic you are!


  1. you are awesome... no you are awesome... no you are. ahhh. we are both awesome!