Wednesday, January 16, 2008

101 update

i thought i'd take a moment to update you on my progress! (here's my original list if you're interested.)

#50 hike havasu falls -DONE! june 7th-9th 2007
(i should have updated that one a long time ago- but i hiked it for hannah's
bachelorette party back in june. it was awesome, but incredibly hard!!)

#51 go home to kentucky 3 times a year -DONE!
(i flew home something like 5 times last year! one trip was to be with my mom for her emergency neck surgery, two times for weddings: karl & lorinda, ellen & phillip/ for christmas, early thanksgiving/my brother's last football game & then i was home to shoot derby for )

#59 finish paying off the painting of my grandparents. -DONE! january 11th 2008
(i sent beth the remainder just last week & i just noticed the check cleared!)

#81 visit silver bay once a year -DONE! june 24th-july 6th 2007
(another one that i'm late on updating! i shot mike & lisa's wedding this past june at Silver Bay! my bestfriend sarah flew up to see me & we did a weekend road trip to vermont & then bryan came up for a long weekend to see this place i've talked so much about!)

#97 enter photos into a contest -DONE! december 13th 2007
( i entered wpja's 3rd quarter contest & won 1st place!!!!! so super cool!)

okay, getting a few marked off! would i be cheating if i went back and made a few adjustments- there are a few that aren't going to ever be checked off the way i worded it- so i might just redo a few... opinions?

did anyone reading my blog make their own list that i should check out???

for all you lurkers out there- leave me some comments :) i love comments!


  1. I know something on your list that you better get working on soon--visiting me! Just because you now have 3 more months to get your butt up here doesn't mean you should delay!

  2. I just recently made a 101 list, though I didn't realize you had one too. If you really want to look, it can be found HERE.

    I don't think it's cheating to rework the list a little. At least, I hope it isn't! *cough*

  3. I love the list it is tempting to do one I maybe I work on that in March when I have a break from work.