Tuesday, January 8, 2008


for two reasons...

i am so behind on blogging! but i'm very close to being caught up :) each room in the house including our patio is now clean & cute, so there's very little left to distract me. well, laundry... but that'll be awhile till i'm bored enough to catch up on that.

& WOW. Juno.

now in my top 5 favorite movies. you really need to go see it. it's bizarre & funny & real & there are not enough ways to describe how great this movie is.

hope you're having a great week. i promise by the end of this week to post something substantial :)


  1. but megan, this IS the most substantial post you have ever posted. i learned about culture and cleanliness and courtesy... hang out this weekend?

  2. ooo...I've wanted to go see this movie ever since it came out. After reading that you loved it, I think I may have to go see it sometime this next week :)