Saturday, January 19, 2008

on christmas day

we celebrate baby jesus & our friend carson's birthday! our group of highschool
friends get together & have a white elephant gift night. i was lucky enough to
receive some horrible bath towels & maria picked the unlucky unwrapped present- muahahahahahah! (i wrapped all my presents this year in reusable grocery bags
that i ordered online- they were awesome!)

ruthie, me & theresa.

after presents we played apples to apples! mitch & sarah kicked butt!

kelly was right behind em!

when she wasn't distracted by her sons bad habit :)

& here's our boys!

almost everyone was able to make it this year, which is quite a feat! half
of us are still in lou. while the other half lives in tenn., st. louis, new york,
washington d.c, phoenix, & cincinnatti. i think we all hope to one day be
in louisville again...

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed. Everyone looks good in the group photo. It was awesome that almost all of us could get together. So rare!