Thursday, January 24, 2008

cool cause

my friend theresa is always finding amazing projects and non-profit organizations to support. i do most of my yearly donations from her recommendations. i saw this on her blog & thought you all may be interested.

but, hurry there's only a few days left to donate $10 to this really cool cause!

Your 10 dollar donation might be able to earn PEPY Programs $50,000…. can you help? No, this is not a Cambodian magic trick, but a contest for whoever can get the highest NUMBER (not amount) of online donations ($10 or more) before the end of the month. The donations have to come through this link to count

I hope you know its not my style nor PEPY’s to bug people for funding. BUT, we really think we can do this and we need your help!

If you have $10 to spare, please help us out right now by going to the above link and shooting your credit card numbers into cyberspace! This contest only lasts 8 more days so it has to be soon!

Thank you for supporting our work and please remember to donate $10 through the above link, or pass it on to friends if you can!

Many thanks for your belief in me, in PEPY, and in our team and big hugs to all,

Interim Executive Director
maryann (at) pepyride (dot) org



  1. theresa's ability to uncover such information sure makes you wonder if she really "works" at all.

    I'll just sign this one,

    Matt "who is busy doing "grad school" -- and by "grad school i mean surfing the web -- as other people work" Dowell

  2. Thanks for promoting our work Megan!

    - Daniela Papi
    PEPY Founder

  3. "...right now by going to the above link and shooting your credit card numbers into cyberspace"

    i stopped reading after this.
    does that make me an asshole?