Sunday, February 24, 2008

patrick henry.

is a young man from louisville, kentucky. he is a very special young man, born with disabilities, but they don't seem to stop him from accomplishing some amazing things thanks to his family & friends.

when we were home the weekend before thanksgiving extreme home make over was in louisville building a new home for patrick henry. a home that was more accessible for his wheel chair & more room for his family. we went by the house & got to watch some of the process, which was really cool. it just recently aired on abc. i just finished watching it & it was amazing. i love this show, but don't watch it very often because it always makes me cry & this episode was no exception. here is the link to the show if you'd like to watch it.

here is a picture of the amazing family:

i'm so proud to be from the same place these wonderful people are!

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  1. Bryan and i watched it as well, it is a neat gift for a most deserving family. Something that they didn't mention: UofL financial aid arranged for free tuition for Patrick Henry as well as both of his brothers should they choose to attend that school.