Wednesday, February 27, 2008

salt river.

a few weeks ago i met up with monika & josiah at the church they are getting
married at (on march 29th!) & then we headed to the reception site so i could
see how beautiful both were. there's some time in between the ceremony &
reception so we decided that we'd have more than enough time to head over
to the salt river to take their formal portraits. i'm so glad we went to check it
out because i've never seen the area look more beautiful. i've kayaked several
times down this river & it's always pretty, but it's soooooo green since we've
had a wet winter- it's shocking. really. that's my biggest complaint
about this area, but i was shut up that day.

here are some of the photos. definitely check back to see their wedding- it's
going to be fantastic!!!


we had to play around, since it felt like an odd fantasy version of phoenix!

yeah weddings!!! i can't wait you guys!


  1. me neither! yeah for monjo! the last pic is crzy green.

  2. I love the scenery pic these are great.