Monday, April 7, 2008

lovely commute.

can anyone else say they had a lovely commute today? i work at an art gallery
(to keep in touch with my original life goal of being a painter) in scottsdale one
day a week or as needed. it's 10 miles away & i usually ride my bike. a few weeks
ago i found a canal that runs almost 2/3rds of my commute.

it has made a world of difference. i love that i'm not driving & now i'm safe from
cars (for the most part, our drivers in phx are fighting for worst drivers ever
anywhere) & enjoying nature. the sound of water & birds & other people enjoying
leisurely activities is such a relaxing thing, plus i 'm exercising which i hate to do.

i wish we could all slow our lives down enough so we could enjoy getting to places
more. isn't that half the fun? the drive takes about 15 minutes & to bike it takes
about 50 minutes. i realize that's a huge difference, but i'll make that time any day
because it adds to my life more than that extra 40 minutes at home checking my
email or reading blogs or even doing household chores ever could.

bryan & i are a one car family. we hope to always be, even after we have children
(all 4 of them) that sounds ridiculous with our modern lifestyles, but it's so doable.
as it is now, we probably only run into one time each month where we wish we had
2 cars. most of the time it's doable. we roh-sham-boh over who deserves it more :)
we carpool, we walk. luckily we live within 2 miles of a grocery store, walking distance
to the movies & several restaurants. so it's a very manageable lifestyle.

i challenge each of you, my lovely blog readers, to replace one errand that you'd
normally do in your car with your bike this week. whether it's to the post office
or a friends house to hangout.

go ahead ditch the car... it's invigorating i promise!


  1. I rode my bike to the gym tonight so that I could ride on the stationary bike. Does that count?

  2. I wish I could ride a bike but where I live is surrounded by industrial parks and non attentive big rig drivers and it is not worth the risk. Heck I even drive to other neighborhoods to walk for a safer setting.