Sunday, April 13, 2008

shannon & jonathan

you met back in september while i was in st. louis for sara & john's wedding! they are
good friends of mine from college. well, i'm back visiting with them. i helped jonathan
with a wedding yesterday & tomorrow i'll be documenting the birth of their twins!
they are inducing her in the morning :) she has now carried her twins full term,
which is amazing in of itself.

i'm going to be taking pictures of the whole day, hopefully even through delivery
if everything goes smoothly. i've had a few people respond with, really? you're going
to document it?
us pj kids from western assume everyone would want everything
documented- pictures are a powerful thing & what is more important or intense
than your child's first breath? first moment in this world?

so it's odd. i can appreciate that, i guess. but it's also a wonderful beautiful thing
& i am honored that they want me to be there & do this for them.

here are some photos from today- we've spent the day cleaning, packing & jonathan
has made shannon a few of her favorite meals! they left tonight around 6pm for
the hospital so they could monitor everyone & prep for tomorrow. wish em luck & a
safe, fast delivery!

how is it possible to get so much joy out of the wittle clothes that will fit on
these tiny bodies? i mean, this cabinet i stared at for like at least 15 minutes in awe.

here's shannon getting ready & abe, their cat, who has no idea what's coming home
with mom & dad in a few days!

we took a few portraits before they left. they are so sweet with eachother. i asked
jonathan earlier if he'd ever heard shannon scream & he said no, not even raise her voice! tomorrow should be interesting ;)

i love how big her belly has gotten!! isn't it adorable how far
jonathan has to lean in?

the twins are probably 7 lbs each, or so the doctor guesses. which is nuts! two big heads,
two big bellies, four arms & four legs are cramped inside that belly...
isn't this whole baby thing fascinating? i'm sorry guys but our bodies are just amazing.
you don't got nothing on us :)

i love this moment of shannon -patiently waiting at the door for her life to change...
so peaceful & beautiful. she is definitely one of those beautiful expecting mamas. she's
so prepared with half cloth diapers & half disposable. special bottles & cute clothes. these babies are so lucky.

practicing her breathing & ammmmmmmmms.

in front of the house which is quickly going to become a home!

i'm sorry shannon but this one was tooooo cute.

i picked jonathan's mom up at the airport & here is the first picture of mama hugging
her baby before he becomes a daddy.

not sure if i'll actually get anything posted tomorrow, but by tuesday you're going to
be seeing some adorable lil babies!

i also have paige, rory & anya's portrait session coming!


  1. How lucky to be part of their special moments. Have fun capturing the special moments.

  2. I came across your website while I was checking out photographers in Colorado. I just wanted to tell you that I think your work is great!