Monday, August 11, 2008

i love the olypmics!

we had an awesome time camping this weekend but were excited to come back & watch some of the gymnastics & swimming last night! highlight: during the 4 x 100's men's meter relay!

we may have frightened the dogs from screaming & jumping around so much!! they won by .008 of second. that's insane.

i swam my whole life until 6 am's in high school- i wasn't that dedicated! so i am a little more invested in the swimming events & i have to say i'm getting into the whole michael phelps phenomenon. he is amazing.

this is such an exciting time! the inspiring commercials about world peace, amazing athletes putting it all on the line... i hope everyone gets as wrapped up in it as i am!

photo by: clary/getty


  1. I love the Olympics. I am watching on delay and 3 days behind.

  2. Olympics! Too bad most of the Rowing takes place at 2 am on the USA network; i just record it! The men's relay was awesome.