Friday, August 29, 2008

prescott camping!

julie & aurora's wedding gave us the great excuse to spend a long weekend in prescott. i'd never been to prescott before so we packed up the dogs & all of our stuff (which takes a surprisingly long time) & headed north for cooler weather & beautiful country. our good friends heather & brian met up with us on friday to join in on the fun.

here are a few of my favorite pictures:

it rained most of the weekend- which i loved!

it's very beautiful there.

my little snuggle bug.

friday before the wedding we got to spend some time by a lake- throwing the frisbee & relaxing.

another bug- it was very funky.

bryan brought his mountain bike... on one of the mornings he & the dogs went for some exercise. they were so worn out!

i love monsoon skies.

ode to the garbage bag. i absolutely hate it when i'm camping or hiking & see trash that was left behind -these people obviously enjoy being in beautiful scenery but have no respect for letting the next person see it as pristine. i usually end up filling at least one full bag of garbage. i think it's so sad.

az has some amazing sunsets!

we are leaving on thursday for another long weekend of camping with our friends carson & maria... you met them while we were in nyc! i think we are kayaking on lake powell for most of the trip- which will be awesome. it has more shoreline than california! but nothing is decided yet! who knows where we'll end up.


  1. Looks nice. Have a great time with Carson & Maria. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! I love your babies. They are so sweet and pure. I love driving by and hiking near Canyon Lake, but we've never been on the water. It looks amazing!