Thursday, August 7, 2008

richard & kristen's

slide show is ready! it was such a beautiful wedding!

i have been a lil crazy with travel, lately...
i have shot 5 weddings in 4 weeks & i'm loving it!

allison & paul in nashville, tn on july 5th
casey & nick in ann arbor mi on july 19th
markus & sarah in sedona, az on july 22nd
richard & kristen in atlanta, ga on july 26th
megan & marc in stage college, pa, august 2nd

wooooh. i'm not even tired, although, i am grateful for aurora & julie's ceremony in prescott this weekend! cooler temperatures are good by me :) bryan & i and 2 of the 3 dogs are going to make a lil camping weekend out of it. yes, we still have the rescue. the signs & online postings to or giving our information to the animal shelters around town produced notta. so we've found a friend of ours to adopt her, but he has to wait until he moves into his new house... so we have a family of 5 for a few more weeks. she's been such a sweet heart but we'll get to see her often!

so check back soon for pictures from megan & marc's awesome wedding this past weekend & some sweeeeeeet prego pictures of mike & tami & my very first civil ceremony ever. these two ladies saying their i do's this weekend are awesome & i can't wait to document it!

have a good weekend!

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