Thursday, March 13, 2008


is one of my favorite oklahomans! is that even what they're called? anyways, she
played frisbee with bryan in undergrad at ou. she's now in north carolina working
on degree number 2; she's decided to be a nurse & she will be the best nurse ever!

she was only in town for a few days, but it was so much fun. we picked her up at
the airport & grabbed some in & out -yummy! & then headed home to pack up the boats.
it took us much longer than i'd hoped to get everything together so we didn't make
it to saguaro lake until 6 & on the water until 6:30 right about when the sun was
setting. we paddled our 4 miles mostly in dusk or pitch black since it was only a sliver
of a moon. we're strong women so we weren't afraid (well a little, but we did just fine!)
we finally reached the campsite after miles & miles of really tall reeds that we were
afraid we'd have to push ourselves through & sleep in our boats if we never found it, but
luckily didn't have to & the campground appeared out of nowhere.

we had the place to ourselves which was perfect until we heard a gunshot from a boat
out on the lake. we were in our tent drinking hot chocolate when we heard it & froze,
even though they couldn't see us! we heard the boat drive off & had the place to ourselves again.
we stayed up late into the night talking & shivering because it was a bit chilly.
the next morning we jumped in the 55 degree water! & got out as fast as we could reach
the shore. those polar bear club people are nuts!

we made some oatmeal & then took our time paddling back. it was so beautiful & the
perfect break for ashley, who left a cold north carolina, for our warm early spring.

(lil' disclaimor -all of these pictures were taken with my point n shoot!)

this was my first overnight kayaking trip, where you have to pack only what will fit in the
boat: sleeping bags, tent, food, water, clothes, camp towels, etc. it was quite a task, but so
worth it if you all ever get a chance.

i've been on this lake in the afternoon & at midnight, but this was my first sunset!

our view from within our tent.

a closer view of four peaks.

our boats awaiting us.

the weather was perfect, probably mid 80's with a nice breeze.

the mountains were covered in wild flowers. see the yellow patches?

miss ashley.


we stayed on land for the rest of the trip & visited some locally owned shops
in downtown phx. i got 3 tickets for us to see the color purple at gammage, asu's
famous auditorium, which was fabulous once we sneaked into better seats after
intermission. word of advice- pay the extra money for lower seats- the sound
is horrible on the third level. & then ashley had to leave & i was sad. hopefully it
won't be long until we go another adventure, ash!

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