Tuesday, March 25, 2008

moni's bachelorette party.

vegas isn't really my thing so it's a big deal for me that i survived a week there.
i know a whole week! i was there last weekend for moni's bachelorette party &
then the sunday they all left was the first day of the wedding & portrait
photographer international conference. which was awesome- but check back for
that post.

there were 9 of us total & we had such a great time.

friday night we saw ka, which is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. i cried & laughed & was in complete
aw. people are so incredible. my favorite part is the finger puppet scene. then we
clubbed it. we woke up the next day & scratched the idea of the hike i'd prepared,
because, well we were pooped. so we spent the whole day lounging by the pool &
talking. that night- we surprised moni with the wigs from the above picture.
which was hillarious & got us a lot of attention.

here's moni & her two sisters. tanja & iris, so cute!

before hitting the clubs we stuffed ourselves at a sushi buffet, those buffets
could really kill you!

after dinner we headed to the mix lounge on top of mandalay bay to have
some cocktails & watch the sunset, which was awesome. the guy in the fore
ground is eric lust. while i was taking this picture he & his wife, jennifer, of
jlustphotography striked up a conversation & it somehow came up that we
were all wedding photographers here for the convention. they bought me a
drink & we chatted for awhile. i new that was a good sign of how the rest of
the week was to go...

i loved how this picture came out- the ladies hanging out inside, the reflection
of las vegas-

this next picture is crazy. i didn't touch it in photoshop- it happened in my camera
like this. our soon-to-be-bride!

this one might be too much of a good thing :) tehee.
kinda scary, though with that big eye in the middle.

& of course some dancing.

at the end of the night we had guys begging us for the wigs.

what a great weekend moni & ladies! i'm still recovering.

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  1. Looks like a great time. I enjoyed meeting up with for lunch.