Thursday, May 15, 2008

#20 check!

i have visited 3 new places since i made this goal!

stillwater, mn.
hudson, wi.
& salt lake city/ogden utah.

woohoo. i'm also going to be adding ann arbor michigan come
july 19th with a wedding reception there!

why was i in utah you ask? for an ultimate tournament, of course.
i've joined a competetive women's team ultimate phxation & we were
going to our first real tournament together. bryan's team sprawl
was also there so i drove up with some of his teammates. the drive was
amazing. we drove through all these amazing places like bryce canyon
& lake powell & it was so hard not to stop because they're all
beautiful & i wanted to see em!

but here are some pics from the weekend. i definitely want to go back
to utah... it was sooo beautiful.


the ladies in our swanky new jerseys & our coach tricky.

me & my girl em. yeah, we're wearing some jewels.

a few action shots. what a backdrop, huh?

bryan took this one of me failing miserably at jumping. if you look closely- you'll
see that my left foot didn't even leave the ground. shu. michael jordan i need some
lessons, pronto.

so pretty!


bryan's team, sprawl. their cheer is 'sprawl, pave the world!' isn't that awful?

bryan & the rest of the original van left after the tournament because they had a nice
10-12 hour drive home :) i luckily was heading to the airport! so i got to go eat
at this awesome little dive joint called the red iguana.... sooo yummy.

waiting patiently for our fixes, even though we'd all played at least 6 games in the last
24 hours & were starving!

meanwhile inside the restaurant the food network was doing a piece on them for their
show -dives, diners & something or another. kinda cool huh? i've never eaten at such
a famous place, at least not while it's in the process of becoming famous.

& i'll leave you with one more purty picture. ahhhh.

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  1. Mexican food in Utah?? Ehh... The ultimate frisbee tournament looks fun!! Try jumping with both legs next time ;)