Thursday, May 15, 2008

so while dad thought

i was at a photographer's meeting i was really with some good friends
enjoying a yummy dinner & their new beautiful house!

mitchell & i shared a limo with our dates to senior prom. before i knew
the rest of our soon to be group or even bryan. he's always been a great friend
to me whether it's helping me buy my first mountain bike or building
shelves & frames for my art work.

he's all growned up now & has a beautiful family. a wife sarah & an adorable
little boy leo. & as of a couple days ago another son named gus!!!!!
healthy & beautiful they are home from the hospital & adjusting well!

sarah & leo playing in the backyard. "hi doggy"

running away from us because it's time to go in & eat.

leo saying grace. isn't their new kitchen awesome!

while we were eating i noticed a scrumptious cake on the counter. i didn't want to get my
hopes up but it looked awesome. mitchell noticed me staring at it & said "sarah & i have
been together for over 4.5 years, she's never baked me a cake. but this morning she said "megan's coming, i think i'll bake a cake!" tehee! thanks sarah it was awesome :)

bath time.


isn't this a sweet, quite moment? check out dewey, their great guard dog.

pajama time!

until i get my own babies i want to thank my friends for letting me live vicariously
through you!


  1. Your friends are so lucky to have a cool friend to capture the everyday moments that usually slip away in our memories.

  2. Who was your prom date Megan? And who did Mitchell go with? And was this SHA or St. X prom?

  3. Thanks Megan! We love the pictures! Gus can't wait to meet you too! We've told him only good things about you. Well, I have. I'm not sure what Mitchell's been saying.