Tuesday, May 13, 2008

brian andreas

how're you doing? i said & he said we're undefeated in our
appreciation of the game. that's against incredible odds, he added.

bryan & i play ultimate frisbee. (if you've never heard of it, quick synopsis:
you got a disk, 7 people on each team & you throw a disc around. it's a lot of
running, friendly banter & skilled people. it's the length of a soccer field & it
wears you out.) my wonderful league team, aflicktion, is headed to the finals
monday night. that's right, we are bad-asses. i got this quote from brian andreas
today & thought it was appropriate, because our team has always had great spirit.
we've lost i think half our games but because we've let our newest players have
some real play time, handle the disc & make mistakes & now after 10 games or
so we're in sync & kicking butt :) i can't wait for monday night, but it's bittersweet
because it'll be my last time playing with this group as a group. next season will
bring a new league team & i'm sure i'll love them too, but aflicktion - you've been a
blast. yeah RED!

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