Wednesday, May 21, 2008

colorado part 3.

sadly the week came to an end, but happily that meant hanging out with sarah!
ted was in chicago for a wedding so that meant it was another girls day.
i really miss these two, they moved to boulder about a year ago & it hasn't
been the same without them :(

we spent our day at the farmers market & shopping at the cute lil shops.
sarah got a sweet bouquet of flowers & we got some more of that amazing
chai tea. i think i'll be dreaming of it for quite some time.
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i love how progressive boulder is. bikes, recycling bins & a shitton of subaru wagons.
that about sums it up. not to mention the friendly people & beautiful views in their back
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thanks for hanging out with me sarah! you've made a strong case :)
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goodbye colorado! i will be back though, chris & christy one of the couples from this last
december just let me know that they were expecting! they moved soon after the wedding
& they've asked i come back for a lil photo shoot & i do not pass up hanging out with little babies :) congratulations you 2!


  1. Colorado is on our short list of places that we might want to live. Obviously our next move pretty much depends on where Jeff gets an offer for a post-doc, but he'll be looking a little harder in places we like. So maybe you should consider it too...

  2. You had to write 3 separate posts about Colorado. And the pictures...and you had tea at the Tea House and you were at the Farmer's Market and you were in Boulder with the mountains and the yuppies and the hippies. Please remind me why I moved to Florida. ---amber