Thursday, May 15, 2008

dad's surprise party.

so my papa officially turned old on april 16th :) so i threw him a surprise
bday party! about 25 of his closest friends gathered at his favorite restaurant,
pat's steakhouse. it was quite a feat, since i didn't have any of my his friend's
numbers so i had to get creative on how to get their info without asking him for
it! i owe a lot of thanks to fages, auntie, margaret & hank for helping me pull
this off!

to add another hitch to the plan -i wasn't able to throw it on his actual birthday
because some of his closest friends bowl & league night fell on the special day, so
we had it the next night. i had to come up with some excuse why i couldn't eat at
pat's with him wed night because he'd know something was fishy if i took him
there twice. so i told him there was a group of photographers that were meeting
that night & i really wanted to go & get to know them since one day we'd be
moving back. (good one, huh?) he handled it well -even though i heard from a couple
friends he made a few grumbles. tehee!

the party was so much fun. everything went off without a hitch & he had no idea!

i didn't take many pictures but here are a few of my papa & his closest friends.
sissy rae wasn't able to make it because of her new job in ny :( but she was there in

he's so goofy! don't ya just love him?

these are a few of his boys. my dad & his boys. they're always smoking cigars in their
sweet gargage set-up with their large flat screen tv & comfy recliner chairs. they bicker
like they've been married for forever but it's kindof endearing :)~

fages & my dad have been best of friends since highschool. i love their stories...

megan & shawn were my 2nd wedding ever back in college! my dad & megan's mom
have always been really close- i spent a lot of my childhood running around with megan!

the resch's: dad, me, auntie, john & paul. those two on the right wussied out & went home
when pat's closed. but my aunt, my dad & i headed over to my dad's favorite watering hole
& closed that bar down too. it was such a fun night.

hope you know how much we all love ya papa! heres to many, many more years.


  1. Megan, you are the "BEST" and you did surprise me! Love you....DAD

  2. So why did Johnny have to make all of us other dudes look so fat, bald and old?